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F813008 Optical Power Meter Manual Data, CCTV & Sat




1.     Overview

F813008 High performance handheld optical power meter can meet high precision power measurement of fiber signal.

 It can be used for the absolute power measurement and relative measurement of the link loss in dB. Its compact size, friendly operation interface, wide power measurement range, high precision measurement, advanced user calibration function, unique design for universal FC/SC/ST optical connector and high performance in application makes it an ideal tool for optical fiber network operation.


2.     Specifications



Wavelength Rangenm*1


Detector Type


Measurement RangedBm*2


Uncertainty *3




Operating Temperature(℃)


Storage Temperature(℃)


Auto-off Timemin


Operating Timeh



3 AA1.5V






*1 Wavelength Range: Specified standard operating wavelength range in which the Power Meter can work properly under certain technical specifications.

*2 Power Measurement Range: The maximum and minimum range in which the Power Meter can work properly.

*3 Uncertainty: Difference between two measurement results that were tested by Power Meter and another Standard Power Meter respectively.


3.     Standard packages with accessories

(1) Handheld Optical Power Meter  ……………………….1

(2) Manual ………………………………………………….…1

(3) Protective carry bag………………………………………1

(4) 1.5V AA Battery…………………………………….……..3

(5) Cotton Swabs……………………………………………..1

4.     Functions description


(1)     LCD:

The LCD screen displays the tested power value via unit dB, dBm, mW, uW, or nW, the selected wavelength, the current operating situation and so on.

(2)     “ON/OFF” Key:

Press the key to turn the device on/off.

(3)     “dB” Key:

To test the power value for a specified wavelength.

(4)     “ZERO” Key:

Press the key for auto-zero.

(5)     λKey:

To select the current operating wavelength between 850nm, 980nm,1300nm,1310nm,1490nm,1550nm.

(6)     “LIGHT” Key:

To turn the background light on/off .


5. Operation description


5.1 ON/OFF

(1)     Press the “On/Off” key for a few seconds to turn on the device

(2)     Press the “On/Off” key for a few seconds to turn off the device

5.2 Absolute optical power measurement

(1)   Turn on the Power Meter

(2)   Press the “λ” key to select tested wavelength. The factory default wavelength is 1310nm.

(3)   Connect to optical fiber tested via proper connector type, and then the power value will be displayed on LCD, including Linear and nonlinear value.


5.3 Relative optical power measurement.

(1)   Select the wavelength to be measured.

(2)   Under “Absolute power measurement mode”, connect to fiber power tested via proper connector.

(3)   Press “dB” key, then current power value is stored as a reference value in dB unit. At the same time it also display the current absolute power value and current relative value is 0dB.

(4)   Connect to another beam of light to be tested, display the current relative power value and absolute power value under tested.


5.4 Special functions

There is three application mode: Working Mode (normally this mode), Factory Mode and User Mode


5.4.1 Factory Mode: The calibration measurement will be done by factory


5.4.2 User Mode: Press the “λ + Light” key synchronously, then enter the User mode, numeral "1" will be displayed on the top right corner. It will exit from the User mode and enter the Working mode after press the “λ + Light” key synchronously once again, then numeral "0" will be displayed on the top right corner.


  Refer table about function definition of KEYs as below: 






Plus 0.05



Minus 0.05






Switch Wavelength


λ+ Zero”

Return to Factory Default


Notes: If mistakes caused by the user self-calibration operation, please press the “λ+ Zero” synchronously under the user mode to return to Factory Default.


(1)     Set Auto-off function: Press “LIGHT + dB” key to turn on the auto-off function. The auto-off symbol will be displayed on the top right. The device will be turn off automatically after 10 minutes idle time.


(2)     Background light On/Off: Under the Working Mode, press “LIGHT” to turn the background light On/Off. A little sun symbol will be displayed on the top right when background light On.








Optical fiber loss measurement


Step 1- Set optical reference power value

l  Turn on optical light source (emitting source) and select the emitting wavelength. Wait for 1-2 minutes until it stabilize.

l  Turn on optical power meter and press the “λ” key to select the related wavelength.

l  Select a piece of patch cord, which is used to connect with the optical light source, we call it as “emitting patch cord”. Cleaning connectors of the patch cord. The fiber of the emitting source patch cord must be the same fiber mode as the fiber under test, also must be keep same connector mode.

l  Connect the light source (emitting source) with the Optical Power Meter through the emitting source patch cord.

l  Optical Power Meter gets the optical power measurement value.

This value should be very close to the one that light source (emitting source) set. If it has wide disparity, please make sure the fiber connectors are clean properly, otherwise replace another.

l  Press the “dB” key, the reading 0.00dB will be displayed on the screen. The tested power value will be set to the reference value.


Step 2-Optical Link Loss Measurement

l  Keep the emitting source patch cord connection with the light source (emitting source).


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