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Product Specifications

FMD500 is a vertically polarised FM dipole for low to medium power
applications operating in the VHF FM band 88.7 to 108 MHz.
The Dipole is supplied as a single antenna or in combinations of 2, 4, 6
or 8 vertical stacks with the associated Power Splitters and mounting
Refer to the Splitter and Mounting Hardware on the back page.
The FMD500 is constructed of Stainless Steel, with ‘O’ ring seals,
making it very Robust for extended life in harsh conditions. Electrically,
with external parts D.C. Grounded for lightning protection.

 Additional Features

Average Gain:  0dBd (2.1dBi)
Horizontal Beamwidth:  196
Vertical Beamwidth:  70
VSWR:  <-1.29:1
Polarization:  Vertical
Rated Power:  1.5kW
Impedance:  50 ohms
Connector:  DIN 7/16” female
Bandwidth:  88 - 108 MHz
Dimensions:  1350 x 1050 x 50mm
Weight:   11kg
Wind load:  (160km/hour) 9kg
Mounting:  Fixed bracket for 50 - 70mm diam.
Material:  Stainless Steel
Internal Aluminum, Teflon spacers


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