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Preferred Tenant Station Featuring Suite Security. Suite Security connects up to 4 alarm or utility sensors to the GT-2C. When activated, the siren sound while alerting Doorman/Security stations of trouble. GT-2C allows for internal communication to talk between GT-2H sub stations (up to 3 subs). The GT-2C also provides picture memory, 170 degree PanTilt & Zoom camera control, and an optional handset.


Master Monitor Station
The GT-2C is an audio/video tenant master station for the GT series Multi-Unit entry system. It is equipped with a Talk, Door Release, and optional Service Button. This master unit will support up to three GT-2H sub masters with the ability to communicate internally between the master and sub masters. When a visitor calls, the tenant stations ring and video is present. The call is answered by one touch of the Talk button. A handset (GT-HS) can be added to the unit if additional privacy is required. The unit features a 3.5” color LCD monitor, PTZ control button for the camera, and picture memory to record visitor images automatically when a call is placed to the unit. A tenant video door station may also be added to replace peephole identification. The GT-2C is equipped with 3 programmable security/utility inputs, and 1 emergency input. The utility input will trigger the tenant station, while the security and emergency inputs will trigger both the tenant and the guard.
Up to 500 total units can be used in one system.
• 3.5” LCD color monitor
• Picture Memory for recording visitor images
• Hands-free audio communication
• Optional Handset for privacy (GT-HS)
• Door release button
• Optional Service Button
• PTZ & brightness control
• Call tone volume control
• Communication volume control
• Security inputs for alerting tenant and guard
• Simple programming of station via dip switch setting
• Input for individual door station
• Internal communication to a maximum of 3 substations (GT-2H)
• Missed call from guard notification
• 6 language menu

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