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HLT41 HLR11 back
HLT41 HLR11 front

HDMI Extender, Use Cat5e/6 Cable, up to 50 Meter.



Product Specifications

HDMI Extender, Use Cat.5/6 Cable, up to 50 Meter.
Local Side with HDMI Port can connector to HDTV display.
Kit includes 1 x HLR11 Cat5/6 receiver, addition 2 x HLR11 can be purchased.)

 Additional Features


•HLT41 (transmitter): accept source (PS3, Blu-ray DVD player) over Cat.6 up to 50m, the key feature different with another is local side can connect a HDTV display and can splitter three signals over Cat.6 cable to remote side HLR11 (remote) for HDTV display, also can cascade a HDMI 2/4/8 splitter to made more HDTV display.

•HLT41+ HLR11 function allows you to connect your old system to HDMI display.

•HLT41+ HLR11 can convert analog video signals to digital HDMI signal.

•To fulfill the demand of display of more than four units at the same time.

•This equipment then become a DVI converter, extender and splitter.

•Extending: realization of long distance transmission of HDMI signal.

•Input signal allow: HDMI, DVI, VGA and YPbPr.

•Highly precise 10-bit A/D conversion of each color channel, better image quality.

•Supports both video and audio signals.

•Ensures the high definition signal is sent without signal loss.

•Plug-and-Play, no software installation is required.

•Easy to install and simple to link any two/four sources to one HDTV display.

•Supports signal high definition display for multiple sources, such as DVD players and satellite receivers, digital projectors, A/V receivers and set up boxes.

•Cost-effective solution (no need to buy more HDTV display).

•Space saving solution (allow multiple sources to share one HDTV display).

•Encloses a remote control for operational flexible and easy control.

•Eliminates a hassle for disconnection and reconnection of multiple video sources.

•LED indications for operation/power modes.

 Replacement PSU : ACDC9 5v 2Amp

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