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Receiver For HT150+HR150 With RJ45 Surge Protector


HR150 is a TCP/IP network streaming device to receive video and audio via Cat5e/6. Also it can receive with IR Signal together with HDMI signal through network switch in a LAN. It can work with HT150 to be 1-point to 1-point, 1-point to multi-point, multi-point to 1-point and multi-point to multi-point connecting types, which are totally 240 meters extending range, and also it can support 5 levels daisy chain connecting, which can let the HDMI signal extend to more than 500 meters.


  • Support standard 1080P signal to 120m transmitting distance without repeater or amplifier.
  • Support 1080P signal to 240m transmitting with a network switch as the middle repeater.
  • Work with HDMI Splitter, HDMI Switch and all kinds of HDMI/HDCP source.
  • Plug and play for easy installation, requires no software installation.
  • Housing: Metal and Aluminum.


  • Input: 1RJ45 Jack.
  • Output: 1*HDMI, 1*IR RX, 1*RS232.
  • Extending Distance: 120 meters (1 to 1)/ 240m (over network switch)/ more than 500m(over switch daisy chain)
  • Supported Resolution: 480P/720P/960P/1080i/ 1080P
  • Power input: 5V 1A.
  • Bandwidth: 1.65Gps.
  • Case Size: 121mm(L) x 738mm(W) X 259mm(H)
  • Operating Temp: 0 to 45 degree.
  • Storage Temp: -20 to 60 degree.
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