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Universal Remote KT518 2
Universal Remote KT518 1

Universal Aircon Remote Control


Product Specifications

This generic infra red air conditioner remote control with over 500 channels is easily programmed to work on most air conditioner units without losing any of the original functions of the unit. Featuring “auto-search” for quick setup. Accurate clock display with timer function.

Programming Instructions

Make sure batteries are fitted to the remote control (2 x AAA).

Make sure that the A C unit to be programmed is switched ON.

Check through all listed codes on the remote control packaging to see if your AC unit is listed. There may be more than one code listed.

Make sure that the model number on the remote control is flashing. If not, press the reset button.

If you have the code for the AC unit, use the code select keys to select the code. Point the remote control toward the infrared sensor on the AC unit, then press enter, and check if the unit responds. If it does, the unit should work correctly, if not, repeat the procedure with all other available codes. Note that the remote must be reset after each attempt.

If there is still no response, a manual search must be done.

Make sure the model number is flashing, point the remote control at the unit, and using the "Select"  button, go through all 508 codes. Be sure the remote transmits each time or you may miss your code. (The transmit sign should flash each time.) When you reach a setting that responds (normally a beep will be heard), press the Enter button. The unit is now programmed. 

If the aircon is not in the listing you will have to do a broad search:

1. Locate the the select button
2. Point remote towards the aircon
3. Press the select button (you will see that the       code numbering changes on each press)
4. When you aircon responds stop pressing the       select button
5. Press the enter button to save programming
6. Try remote to ensure that the code selected is     correct

 Pack: 1x Remote , 1x Manual

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