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"Clearance" 8 User Band Unicable multiswitch with Legacy port



Product Specifications

The IDLP-UST111-CUO1O-8PP is the smallest form factor Unicable switch enabling

installations with up to 8 satellite receivers over a single cable. In addition to its eight User
Bands Unicable - output, the multiswitch also features a legacy output and is powered by
an external power supply.
The multiswitch receives (and cascades) four satellite IF bands (L/V, L/H, H/V and H/H)
and Terrestrial VHF/UHF signals. Both the Unicable and the legacy outputs are combined
with the Terrestrial signal.
The Terrestrial input is not amplified.
The communication protocol between the multiswitch and the receivers connected through
the Unicable port is based on the EN 50494 standard for single cable distribution.
For indoor and outdoor installations.


 Additional Features


INPUT:                  4 x Satellite IF inputs from Quattro LNB

1 x UHF/VHF input from Terrestrial antenna


OUTPUT:          4 x loopthrough satellite IF outputs

1 x loopthrough terrestrial output

1 x Legacy output with combined terrestrial signal.

1 x Unicable output for up to 8 receivers with

combined terrestrial signal


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