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Profilor Lite
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Johansson 6601A - PROFILER Programmable filter amplifier 5 inputs : BI-FM / BIII / 3x UHF - 10 Clusters



Programmable filter amplifier Lite: 5 inputs: BI-FM / BIII / 3 x UHF 10 Clusters / 24 V remote power.

The Profiler Lite devices are a slimmed down version of the basic 6600 Profiler, offering the same flexibility, but a
lower gain, less filter clusters and a lower number of inputs. These are ideal for smaller buildings, where the high gain
of the 6600 Profiler is not needed.

  • 5 inputs : BI-FM/BIII/3 x UHF (UK version: FM/BIII/3 x UHF)
  •  10 UHF programmable clusters from 1 to 7 channels bandwidth
  •  medium gain: 45 dB
  • 24 V remote power on UHF inputs (12V for 6601UK and 6601A)
  •  VHF-UHF split band amplifier with inter-stage attenuators
  • -30 dB test output


Programmable filter amplifier


 This PROGRAMMABLE MULTI CHANNEL headend technology offers amplification, filtering and equalization of analogue and digital signals in MATV installations.

The analogue terrestrial technology is being replaced by digital terrestrial technology (DTT). The analogue switch off (ASO) creates new opportunities for DTT offering many more TV channels in the terrestrial bandwidth.


These high-tech programmable filter amplifiers called “Profiler”, are the ideal solution as headend for collective coaxial TV distribution.

It offers flexibility for signal and channel management and avoids interferences.

This makes it possible to distribute and manage analogue and digital terrestrial and satellite signals in buildings compatible with actual and future channels or frequencies.


• Selective clusters for amplification of digital or analogue signals.

• Easy programming by using one rotary/push button viewed on 2 digits display and LEDs for each cluster and each input.

• “Copy” function in order to transfer all settings from one unit to another or by memory stick ref. 6604.

• Automatic leveling of signal or manual with 30 dB attenuator for accurate equalization.

• Unit can be locked by security code.





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