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Openview OVHD DVBS2 Satellite Decoder


Openview OVHD DVBS2 Satellite Decoder

  • Compatible with all existing dishes.
  • Over 15 channels.
  • Pay once and watch for ever.
  • No subscriptions.
  • High definition picture.


Only applicable on the current model of OVHD decoder sold by Space Television.

It has come to our attention that when the new OVHD decoders go through a power failure the decoders default back to the E-TV channel. Although this is no major problem when the decoders are used in a domestic environment, it does pose a problem to our customers using these decoders in a commercial setup where the decoders are used in a headend, as all TV channels will default to E-TV forcing manual intervention to ensure each decoder is set back to the channel it was intended for.
To overcome this problem the procedure below should be followed for each decoder in the headend to ensure that the decoder will return to the intended channel after a power failure.
During the installation of each STB in the hotel, the installer will:
a.     Power on the STB
b.     Zap to the right channel
c.      Put STB in standby     - This will save the correct channel
d.     Wake up STB
e.     Leave STB powered on
In the event of power outage, the STB will then boot up to the correct channel.
If you are experiencing any problems with the old Space DSD 200 OVHD Decoders, please download the PDF document below for information on how to correct any issues.


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