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Universal Basic TV remote with Learn Function - preprogrammed for LG/Samsung


Universal TV remote control with learning function – this model is ideally for Hotels & B&B’s with basic functions – supplied in plastic packet

Learning Remote

- Default: Samsung & LG TV Codes
- Pressing the KEY, LED will be blink


How to set the Learning Remote
① Press Power Key and AV Key simultaneously for 3 seconds.
LED will blink 2 times and Lights up permanently.
The remote control is now in Learning mode.
② Place both remotes with the respective infrared sensor at at distance of 1~5cm apart.
③ Now you can press the key on the Learning remote which you want to program.
The LED will blink 1 time and Lights up.
④ Press Power key button on the original remote.
⑤ After you have selected and pressed the key to be programmed by the Learning remote,
you can press the corresponding key on the original remote control.
If the signal is received correctly, the LED will blink 2 times and light up.
⑥ To program other keys you now select the next key on the remote by pressing on it and
repeating ③ to ⑤
⑦ To exit Learning mode, after successful programming of the keys, press LED button.
LED will flash 3time and off.


Factory reset
Press Power and Volume- buttons for 5 seconds. And then LED will blink
5 times and return to default setting

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