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rs001 med

RS001 (TD‐102) convert RS232 signal to RS485 signal, which is very widely used in CCTV surveillance system, such as PC based DVR with PTZ device



Product Specifications

1. Interface: fit for RS232 and RS485 standard.

2. Work Style: asynchronous half‐duplex transmission

3. Transmit Speed: 0 to 115200bps

4. Transmit Distance: RS‐485 is 1.2km / RS‐232 is 15m

5. Transmit Direction Control: ADDC, auto recognizing

6. Transmit Media: RS‐485 special shielded wire

7. Consumption: 10mA / 40mA

8. Work Environment: ‐10℃ to 50℃

9. Work Humidity: 5% to 95%

10. L*W*H: 90mm*35mm*15mm



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