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Product Specification

The HDMI encoder module converts digital audio and
video signals from a set top box, a DVD player, a camera,
laptop or other sources, into a MPEG4 data stream.
This data stream is then available in the TDX pool and
can be sent out on all TDX output modules.
When configuring your system, it is optional in which
slots you place the HDMI input modules in the input
section. When servicing your system, it is possible to
remove an input module from a module slot (HOT SWAP).
Just use your fingers to press the fastener downwards
and then pull the module outwards to remove it.
A HDMI cable used to connect the source to the HDMI
module is also available.

• HDMI input
• HDMI to IP
• State of the art real time MPEG4 encoder
• HOT SWAP service in TDX system
• Selectable encoder output bandwidth(TDX-GUI)
• Remote update via TDX system interface

 Additional Features

Art No. 492030
HDMI Input HDMI female (TypeA)
Connector 1 x HDMI-signal
Output format Serial MPEG transport stream (LVDS)
Embedded audio - AAC, 48 kHz/MPEG2 (L1) Stereo or AG3 pass through
Video codec MPEG-4
Video codec settings (CBR) Mbps <11.0
Working temperature oC -10 to +50
Weight (kg) kg 0.5
Dimension (HxDxW) mm 29 x 126 x 53
Remarks   Use high quality 3D HDMI cable only
- art. no. 153420 HDMI cable - 2m

Download the TDX presentation here  

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