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TRIAX IR link modulator




Features :

-Triax TFM02 is a UHF (CH21-69)   PLL Controlled AV Modulator
-selectable PAL  I/BG standard
-Built in IR demodulator
-Fully Agile digital channel selection
-9VDC (RF2) Output for use with tv link capable decoders ***** -Separate standalone 12v Power Supply
- AV stereo input and RF and AV loop through ....****** -Variable Attenuation

Installation Application is the same as Tri Link kit (above )

-Allows an additional Digital SAT / Digital TV decoder without an AV Modulator  to be added into an SLX TV link installation network .
-3.5 mm IR Emitter (2 eye ) is directed over the set top box IR sensor and is connected to the TFM02 ir sensor input at front of the modulator.
-AV output of the set-top box connects to the AV input of the TFM02 modulator .
-AV out can be used directed into a SD /HD tv set -Signal  from DTT antenna / Dstv decoder can be routed /looped into the Modulator RF input .
-The TFM02 modulator is supplied with two RF outputs RF1 and RF2 out
-RF1 output can be directed into the nearest TV set -RF 2 ( 9v) port output is TV Link capable and allows powering up of SLX TV Link amplifiers and TV link eyes


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