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VHF FM Translators

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Product Specifications

The TL1-U/V can provide numerous FM re-broadcasting solutions such as the following.

  • VHF (Receive) to VHF (Transmit) re-broadcast.
  • HF (Receive) to UHF (Transmit) Link re-broadcast.
  • UHF (Receive) to UHF (Transmit) Link re-broadcast.
  • UHF (Receive) to VHF (Transmit) re-broadcast.
  • AM [Mono] (Receive) to VHF (Transmit) re-broadcast

This unique product provides a solution for “On frequency VHF gap filling” via a VHF (Receive) to UHF (Transmit) unit, and a UHF (Receive) to VHF (Transmit) unit, where the two VHF frequencies are the same. This completely eliminates the problems of Rx/Tx antenna coupling and can even eliminate the need for a second VHF broadcast license.

A multiple UHF  “STL” hop solution can also be implemented if the Studio and Transmitter sites are not in “Line of sight”.

The unit is equipped for +24V Battery/Solar operation which is useful for a remote site that has no A/C mains voltage. 

UHF FM TRANSLATOR,  This unit can receive a UHF link frequency and retransmit either on FM or UHF.

 Additional Features

  • Superior audio performance
  • Compact 1U lightweight, rack mount, convection cooled
  • A.C. 230 / 115V and D.C. (+24V) operation
  • Wideband operation (100kHz baseband)
  • Automatic tuning (front end)
  • High selectivity (300kHz adjacent channel operation)
  • Optional Higher selectivity front-end filter (tuned)[FM]


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