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TS-770 Series Conference System


Product Information


The TOA TS-770 Conference System brings a multiplemode
remote conferencing to the meeting room, via a
standard telephone line, a mobile phone, or PC-based
IP telephony. It provides a full range of features for
ensuring clear sound for efficient and effective
conferences, and at a remarkably high
cost/performance ratio.

The TS-770 does away with the need for a conference
hall with professionally and permanently installed
equipment for small-to-medium-sized meetings. Setting
up the TS-770 is quick and easy. The basic
requirements are simply to attach the Chairman and
Delegate Units to the system’s Central Unit, and
connect each Delegate Unit, accordingly. Depending on
an application, a unit may be farther apart from each
other so an optional Extension Cord (2m/10m) can be
attached. Up to 70 units, including multiple Chairman
Units, may be attached to a single Central Unit (35 per
line), and system expansion to 140 or 210 units is
possible by adding a 2nd or 3rd extension Central Unit.
Operating the TS-770 goes smoothly and efficiently. An
optimized unidirectional gooseneck microphone and
wide frequency response speaker are included in every
participant’s unit, to ensure optimally clear voice
transmission, with everyone clearly heard.

Simply pushing the Talk button activates the microphone, while
also deactivating the speaker in the unit, to prevent
howling. The Chairman Unit can select one, three or six
Delegate Units for simultaneous operation, and if
several Chairman Units are included, they may speak
simultaneously. Smooth operation of the conference is
assured by a Chairman Unit's priority function.
Long-term archival recording is made possible by
connecting an optional alternating recording device to
the center amplifier, and each unit also has its own
recording output jack.


The system consists of the following:

TS-775                   Remote Delegate Interface Unit

YR-770-10M            Extension Cable

YR-770-2M              Extension Cable

TS-770                   Centre Amplifier

TS-771                   Chairman`s Unit

TS-772                   Delegate`s Unit

TS-773                   Microphone (Short)

TS-774                   Microphone (Long)

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