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Analog Transmitters

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Analog TV Medium Power Complete Systems, 500W - UHF


Product Specifications

  • Forced-air Cooling System
  • LDMOS Technology for UHF Versions
  • High Efficiency
  • Single Remote Control access point  using Elettronika RCU
  • All voltages and currents available on display

 Additional Features

The systems in ‘TV Medium Power Complete Systems’ series are
equipment designed to simplify transport and installation and to
ensure high working reliability for directly powering antenna systems.
The temperature of the amplifiers is guaranteed by a forced air
cooling system extremely noiseless. The good distortion
values and the excellent noise figure of the exciter together with the
great amplifier linearity, achieved with the use of the state-of-the-art
LDMOS (UHF) and MOSFET (VHF) technology, ensure a great overall

A microprocessor for each equipment monitors and controls
the currents of the transistors and voltages of the power supply together with
the measure of RF output power and the temperature of the heat-sinks. A
multifunction display makes it possible to verify all the operating parameters
of each unit. The systems in the series are completely (exciter + amplifier)
remotable by a single access point using the Elettronika RCU equipment.


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