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The TYMPANIC system incorporates both the old push button panic activated alarm and the new sound activated panic alarm. TYMPANIC is totally compatible with all existing alarm systems either fitted or to be installed.
The fitting of TYMPANIC now affords the end user the added protection of knowing that a loud scream/noise will set off the alarm should one be accosted within the home or business when the push button cannot be activated/reached.
Benefits of the TYMPANIC system
  • Three separate levels of sound settings. These sound settings allow the alarm to be placed in various areas throughout the home affording added protection for example "should the alarm be placed at the front or back doors and set on low any intruder attempting forced entry through the breaking of the door will lead to the alarm being set off".
  • If awakened by an intruder within the bedroom a single shout will set off the alarm.
  • Should the alarm be placed within a reception area should an intruder enter blocking the push button a single shout sets off the alarm.
  • In an unforeseen circumstance where the victim has been shot, the “gun shot sound” would set off the alarm rendering the victim some sort of assistance.
  • As panic buttons are constantly armed and monitored by your security company assistance is only seconds away.
  • Neat, compact and virtually the same size as the traditional panic button
  • Tympanic has a six meter range and is intended for interior use. No batteries required as the tympanic is hard wired into existing alarm systems.
  • The TYMPANIC due to its nature will only be available through registered security companies. Please do not hesitate to contact us; we will put you in touch with your nearest approved installer.
  • The TYMPANIC comes with a two year warranty. Should there be a fault we will replace the unit(s) through the security provider.
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