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VSAT - Marine Internet

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Marine Dish v60 Antenna



  • 60cm (24") dish diameter maritime VSAT antenna systems
  • 3-axis stabilized antenna platform with unlimited azimuth capability
  • Wide elevation angle (-10 °~100°) for extremely low or high latitude regions
  • Major RF components are designed and manufactured by Intellian's in-house engineering to achieve
        superior antenna performance on gain and xpol isolation.
  • Built-in GPS for fast satellite acquisition
  • Built-in auto LNB skew control to maintain the optimal signal strength anytime
  • Built-in motor brakes for preventing dish damaged during the power-off mode
  • Built-in ISMC transceivers enable faster data communication between antenna and control unit
  • Built in test capability, run from antenna control unit or user-friendly PC based M&C program
  • Remote diagnostic capable
  • Meets or exceeds industry and military environment test standards to ensure greatest reliability in
        the maritime market
  • Meets the FCC regulations
  • Minimized weight balance blocks and cablings, therefore, simplify installation and maintenance
  • Easy to operate through user-friendly operation interface design
  • 19 inch mountable control unit is capable of supplying an external power to BUC.
  • Supports Auto Beam Switching via OpenAMIP protocol of iDirect and ROSS Open Antenna Management (ROAM) protocol of Comtech.
  • Complemented by Intellian's i6 satellite TV antenna system, which enables full range of satellite
        entertainment and communication system on a matching dual dome arrays.
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