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vm 2000

TOA Voice Evacuation System



The VM-2000 series is an integrated broadcast system for both commercial and voice evacuation purposes which corresponds to the main requirements of EN60849; the European standard of voice evacuation system. The system consists of a system management amplifier such as VM-2120 and/or VM-2240, and remote microphone RM-200MS. The standard system of VM-2000 transmits background music, paging, and emergency announcements to 5 different zones individually or to all the zones at once. Targeted at medium-sized facilities, every VM-2000 Series unit offers three line/Mic inputs, 2BGM inputs and remote Mic capability as well as telephone paging. Operation is simple and trouble-free for site staff. With an optional surveillance board; SV-200MA, the system surveys and indicates the status of a power amplifier circuit, speaker lines with a ground leakage accident and open/short on each speaker line.

A TOA Integrated Voice Evacuation System with:

• 240w Output (expandable to 2160w)
• 5 Zones (expandable to 45 zones), each with Independent Volume Control
• BGM Inputs: Dual shared (BGM can be routed to a single zone, group of zones or to all zones)
• PABX Input
• Automatic system and line monitoring (Impedance Method)
• Automatic Tone and Messages (triggered via Microphone or Control inputs)  
• Remote Microphone (4 can be connected to a system with different priority levels)
• Distance between Microphone and Amplifier can be up to 800m utilising CAT5 STP
• Control Inputs and Outputs (Connecting to Fire Panel)
• 1 Hour Free Training (at our premises) on Integrated Voice Evacuation Systems


VM-2240 System Management Amplifier

VM-2240 CE-AU

The VM-2240 is a multifunctional amplifier that can be mounted in an EIA-Standard equipment rack (3-unit size). The unit comes with 4 audio inputs including the background music input, and the speaker output section which has an internal attenuator and 5-zone selector. It permits not only general-purpose broadcast, but also Emergency Broadcast based on the EN60849 Standard which gives pre-recorded voice instructions(*1) in the emergency situation. Broadcast can be made from an optional RM-200M Remote Microphone as well as from the amplifier, and can be remotely controlled from external equipment. In addition, for 100 V/42 Ω application the unit features the surveillance function(*2) which automatically checks the system for failures. (*1) An optional EV-200M Voice Announcement Board is required. (*2) An optional SV-200MA Surveillance Board is required. 


RM-200RM Remote Microphone

RM-200M S

The RM-200M Remote Microphone connects to the VM-3240VA, VM-3360VA, VM-2120 and VM-2240 for the purpose of making emergency(*3)/general broadcast announcements.




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