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What Is  VSAT?

A very-small-aperture terminal (VSAT), is a two-way satellite ground station or a stabilized maritime Vsat antenna with a dish antenna that is smaller than 3 meters. The majority of VSAT antennas range from 75 cm to 2.4 m. Data rates typically range from 56 kbps up to 4 Mbps. VSATs access satellites in geosynchronous orbit to relay data from small remote earth stations (terminals) to other terminals (in mesh configurations) or master earth station "hubs" (in star configurations).

Through a number of exclusive distribution agreements and alignments Space Television is able to offer a variety of VSAT services and products.

Space Television is a authorized Reseller for:
  • Skywave Global Systems
  • Idirect Technologies
  • ViaSat
  • Comtech EFT Data
  • CommScope
  • NJRC
  • Datum Systems
Products available ex South Africa include a full range of two-way satellite transmitting and receiving systems (VSAT) ranging from 1.2m to 2,4meter with type approvals for Intelsat and Eutelsat, also including BUCS and LNB’S for both C and Ku Band. DRO and PLL Models.
Space Television have been exporting Vsat equipment to most African countries over the
past 10 years. 
New X1 Features for Expanded Markets
Do you currently have Evolution X1 remotes or have you thought about it? Great news; the latest iDX 3.3.0 release brings new features, which opens up even more markets and applications for great revenue! As one of the fastest remote adoptions in iDirect history, the X1 with its expanded feature set is now optimized for use in large networks such as SCADA, point-of-sale, femtocells and ATM.
All of the new software features are backwards-compatible with existing X1 remotes with an upgrade to iDX 3.3.0.
• Geo-redundancy for improved reliability and service level agreements (SLAs)
• NAT/PAT routing protocols provides network security and enables IP address conservation
• cRTP (compressed real-time transport protocol) header compression for voice permits more calls on the same channel
• Optional 256-bit AES encryption secures communications
• Up to 8 VLANs (formally 4 VLANs) for traffic segregation and increased security
• Remote soft lock (formally hard lock only)
Please contact your SpaceTV sales representative for more information.

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