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AI-200 - Alcad Splitband amplifier 1 Input,2 Outputs, UHF/VHF/BS, G=24dB, O=104dBuV, (230 Vac), Both outputs equal

Product Specifications

AI-200 Amplifier is used as distributing device in small or private antenna installations, to ensure proper level of signal for multiple receivers. The amplifier works in 40 – 318 MHz and 470 – 862 MHz bands. Thanks to separate gain adjustment for VHF and UHF bands, the levels of signals can be equalized. This makes it easier to build installations using a single cable to distribute signals from several antennas (combined in a diplexer etc).
The amplifier can be used in community installations. Due to gap between VHF and UHF band (S20-S38) it cannot be used in typical cable TV systems. The amplifier is especially useful in situations where the signal is strong enough for one TV receiver, but there is a need to distribute it to the next televisions. In the case the original signal is too low, there should be used other Alcad amplifiers that allow to power preamplifiers.


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Alcad Splitband amplifier – brochure