Product Information

Connector RG6 Ridge Lock Compression (50pcs jar)


  • Quick, easy installation on RG6 Dual Shield thru Quad Shield and PE and
  • PVC Jackets
  • Designed for CATV, and broadband installation.
  • Precision machined body with mil spec plating.
  • Patented compression ridges lock in for an “Easy On” installation every time.
  • Designed for DBS and Broadband installations. Compatible with all application frequencies.
  • Engineered from precision machined copper alloy, UV protected POM, PVC and rubber (”O” ring).
  • The ANYTOOL™ design works with ANY standard compression tool.
  • End Bell cannot back up. Locks coax cable securely and positively in place.


Electrical and General Specifications:

Bandwidth – 2 Mhz to 3 Ghz

Impedance – 75 Ohms nominal

Shielding Effectiveness – better than -90dB

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