HDMI to VGA + Audio Convertor


Our HDMI series converters are designed to make your HDMI device use more convenient, more comfortable, more productive and more cost-efficient.


The HDMI converter is mainly for those screens which don’t have a HDMI input, while the source only have HDMI output. The maximun input and output resolution is 1920*1080 on 60Hz.




l No need to install drivers, portable, flexible.

l Maximum resolution supported is 1920×1080 / 60Hz.

l Support audio output connecting to speaker.

l Support maximum 200mA working electric current.




1.   Input ports: 1x HDMI

2.   Output ports:  1xVGA + 1x 3.5mm Jack for audio.

3.   HDMI Input:  720P/60Hz, 1080P/60Hz.

4.   Dimensions (mm):  214mmx44.5mmx14.8mm (with cable length)

5.   Net Weight:  40g