• ETR 101-290 T.S. Analyzer
  • Exclusive patented ROVER AUTODISCOVERY system: auto-matically detects and selects analog and digital COFDM/QAM TV signals in both measurement and spectrum mode
  • HELP function: automatically identifies all the signals with digital modulation SAT, TV and CATV
  • Automatic Assistant: Signal Quality analysis, Channel Scan memorization
  • Barscan TV & CATV function from 10 to 100 channels on one screen
  • Buzzer & Noise Margin real time graph for digital signals microinterruptions
  • Reflectometric measurements APP
  • PRODRIVE TEST: REMOTE MONITORING and LOGGING: TS, measurements, spectrum, thumbnails
  • Optical Input signals
  • SATELITE: SAT SCR, DiSEqC, SCR & dCSS, motorized antenna, dual LNB, SAT FINDER and SAT EXPERT
  • Custom Channel Plans: 25 (199 ch. per plan), Programmable TV, SAT (or combined TV/SAT) by PC or Local Keyboard
  • Loggers: TV, SAT & combined with stop & go function
  • SAT Memory Plan: More than 2.000 transponders prememorized for world wide Satellite

Note *: All technical specifications are subject to change without prior notice. Some options must be requested when ordering the instrument.

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