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Johansson 4605 – 3-Way Smart Splitter

Johansson Unicable Smart Splitter with 3-way dSCR splitter with heartbeat pass-through. The heartbeat passes through all 3 outputs, making it ideal for Xtraview installations.

Product code: 4605

Easily share your dSCR/dCSS signals to multiple STBs.

The Johansson 4605 3-Way Smart Splitter allows for the sharing of a single dSCR/dCSS multiswitch or GTU output between two or more set-top-boxes. The intelligent circuitry in the Smart Splitter passes the heartbeat across all 3 outputs and prevents DiSEqC signal collisions when more than one decoder is connected to a single output.

Johansson 4605 Features:
• Heartbeat passes through all 3 outputs, ideal for Xtraview installations
• No DiseqC dSCR/dCSS signals collision
• Compatible with any DC level dSCR/dCSS Set-Top-Box
• Built-in dSCR/dCSS Power Inserter
• Compliant with EN50494/EN50607 standards
• Schottky diodes for low voltage drop off

Output 3
Frequency range 5-2150 Mhz
Insertion loss 9 dB
Return loss in / out >10 dB
DC power pass 50 mA (max.)
Input Voltage 10 min. / 20 max. VDC
DiSEqC DiSEqC compliant
SCR Standard CENELEC EN50494
Dimensions (W x H x D) 114 x 56 x 35 (mm)


SpaceTV_Johansson 4605 Unicable Smart Splitter – A4