Product Specifications

The LNB cover protects your LNB against the elements and increases the lifespan of the LNB.

Also fits smart LNBS

 Additional Features


This is South Africa’s first solution to rain fade.
1. The Signal Saver allows the end user to protect the LNB during
2. Less chance of disturbance due to weather damaged LNB.
3. Here are the product specification
  • fits all LNB’s (dual or single)
  • UV tested
  • protects LNB giving it 65% longer life span
  • steady and firm fit on your dish


Disadvantages of make shift protectors:

  • Moisture builds up from the plastic, thus may affect signal and cause rusting from within the lnb.
  • Generally any plastic is used, thus within months it withers away.
  • Due to the sun’s powerful rays therefore the plastic does not last long outdoors.
  • The use of a plastic bottle is unsightly.

Advantages of the signal saver:

  • Protects against the elements such as heavy rain , the
  • Reduces pixilation due to heavy rain directly hitting against the lnb/ antenna.
  • If the satellite dish was poorly installed , thus is frequently affected by change of weather, the cover is for you.
  • You can save on the cost of a call out fee, just install the antenna cover which is an easy 2 diy step process.
  • Uv treated protected from the harsh raze of the sun




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