Receiver Freevision/Vivid + Sentech Smart Card

This Decoder is a replacement of Vivid (Sentech) decoder & can be used as a free to air DVBS2 receiver.

Product code: REC-STB351-SC005

Broadcast Set-Top Box – Standard Definition (DSB1000)

This Decoder is a replacement of Vivid (Sentech) decoder & can be used as a free to air DVBS2 receiver if not used with Smart card.

SmarDTV DSB1000 is a satellite MPEG-2 set-top box solution. This product has been successfully deployed in multiple million units in Africa, Latin America and Asia, with a high end-user satisfaction.
High level features:
•    Latest NAGRA security features and finger printing
•    End-user messaging
•    EPG
•    Favorite list

High Definition (DSB3000/DSB3020/DCB3020)

SmarDTV DSB3000/DCB3000 series are High Definition zappers targeting satellite and cable operators in Europe, Latin America and Africa. It supports the latest European regulation regarding the power consumption.
These set-top boxes come with extensive list of features and an elegant user interface:
•    Latest NAGRA security features and finger printing
•    EPG Grid+list
•    Favorite list
•    MHEG (depending on market)
•    Messaging for end-user notification, Banner Advertising, STB control, Targeted text Popup
•    USB PVR with time-shifting and Series linking,
•    Interactive application engine

A return Channel can be added to improve the user experience in the channel navigation and EPG, and to enable Videp-On-Demand (VOD) on cable network this set-top box is part of NAGRA QuickStart Broadcast Solution.

Range of System In Package for Set-Top Box (iDECODE)
iDECODE is a range of system-in-package (SIP) which consists of a multi-chip module, and comes as a turnkey solution for pay-TV set-top box applications.
iDECODE integrates all main hardware and software elements of the set-top Box and so reduces the product design complexity and time to market.

Key benefits of iDECODE:
•    Fast enabler of local production
•    Simplification of set-top box hardware design
•    Pre-integrated with pay-TV software stack, ready to deploy
•    Conditional Access System certified (hardware & Software)

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