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UFO 150 Digital LTE - Triax Wideband Multi-Purpose LTE Antenna


Product Specifications

Triax UFO digital aerial (VHF/UHF). A small and discreet antenna. The antenna is surface-treated to withstand impacts from saltwater and weather conditions. The ideal flexible solution for home, caravan, boat, mobile home, bus and truck.

Based on the success of earlier UFO products, Triax has developed the UFO 150 with the following key features:
  • FM, DAB+, Band III and UHF
  • Optimized for maximum gain 87-790 MHz, attenuating LTE interference above 790 MHz with >30dB
  • TETRA filter (380-400 MHz) >15dB
  • 360o omnidirectional antenna
  • Integrated 28 dB amplifier
  • Surface treated to resist salt water and tough weather conditions
  • 3 brackets for multi-purpose installations enclosed


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