Imagine reducing your monthly costs & still having Satellite TV & Radio in every room?

Our range of Open View Satellite Solutions, include a retrofit onto your existing signal distribution infrastructure, or a complete upgrade, depending on your budget and system requirements.

Being customizable, our solutions are expandable up to as many veiwing points as you require over your existing coaxial installation, and could even be designed to deliver HD channels over your Coaxial or Fibre Network.

Our Solutions are not restricted to only hospitality environments, they can also be designed for Multi-Dwelling Units, Corporate Offices, Medical Centres, Sports and Entertainment environments.

The options are almost limitless – speak to our Technical Solutions Team today to discover a Solution that suits you!

Application Example using the MOD6 Quad Channel Analogue Headend

The MOD6 QUAD allows for distribution of Video Content from Pay-Per-View and Free-to-Air Digital Sat/Terrestrial Decoders STB, or other AV sources including; CCTV cameras, DVD players to multiple TV sets.

The onboard display and buttons provides a friendly user interface for controlling and programming the MOD6. The MOD6 provides an RF output level of 100dBμV approx. in each output channel.

Speak to us today about Solutions designed specifically for your unique requirements

The above application example is expandable to more than only 8 viewing points by adding additional MOD6 headends. This Solution isn’t restricted to using the OpenView Decoder, your signal can be delivered from just about any source, including; DStv, Media Players, CCTV systems, etc.

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