Giving you the advantage

At the Space Academy, our mission is to upskill the installer trade throughout Africa, by offering a comprehensive training program accessible to all. We aim to produce highly-skilled, well-rounded professionals that will deliver an efficient and well-informed service to their customers. Our program is aimed at ensuring the comprehensive knowledge we offer is transferred to accelerate the capabilities of the installers in their respective industries.


Training for everyone

Our Vision is to make career driven training programs accessible to companies and independent installers by offering affordable subject specific training courses to the various industries. With well-equipped training centres at our Space Television branches in all major centres around South Africa, and the use of technology platforms such as online webinars, the Space Academy aims to enhance the standard of industry specific installations throughout Africa.


Tailored for the future

With ever evolving technology, the demand for technicians has grown exponentially over the last decade. Space Television has identified the need for a fully developed training academy to ensure effective knowledge is transfered to technicians working within our industry. As a leader in their our field, our qualified team is fully committed to taking on the exciting challenge of developing training modules that will be instrumental in the growth and enhancement of the industry related installer trade throughout Africa.

Choose your course

We have tailored our courses for varying levels of expertise across multiple industry-related categories, these levels include; Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Our courses not only focus on problem areas generally encountered in the industry, but also introduce new products, and how to correctly use them.