Space Television was established in 1975 with the advent of the first television broadcast in South Africa. Today, our spirit of innovation is focused on delivering products and service solutions that connect, entertain and provide technological security.

At Space Television we add value by delivering high quality services and unequalled expertise. We have invested in a dedicated and highly experienced team of experts, specialising in, technical support, installation, sales, internal quality and governance. More than a distributor, Space Television is a one-stop shop for integrated technologies with competencies across the sector that few others can match.


We strive to deliver sustainable growth and long-term value to our clients.

our company vision, mission and values

At SPACE TELEVISION reliability is our business, it is what we stand for.

Since 1994, Space Television has striven to be the preferred partner for all your connectivity requirements.
We are proud to provide reliable solutions for the present that connect our customers to the future.

Space Television is at the forefront of technological trends and developments. We are with you all the way, from installing home and business connections, to critical hospitality solutions, to the fully realised complex with long-term integration.

Ready for any job at hand, our products are available either individually or as part of a tailor-made solution. From television aerials and satellite dish antennas, CCTV security products, wall brackets, cables and beyond, we make connectivity easy.


we respect client vision

Together we stand for:

  • We make it happen, we make it easy.
  • We love to innovate.
  • Beyond the box – offering solutions, not only products.
  • Engineering expertise and industry experience.
  • Preferred choice for our suppliers, customers and our people.
  • Our consistency creates an environment of trust.
  • The companies commitment of marginal gains and continuous refinement has set the bar.
  • Our brand manifesto drives everything we do.

Our Culture:

  • Being connected is our growing philosophy at Space Television, we achieve this by living our core values: Connect, make it happen, embrace change. Act with integrity and take ownership.
  • Our philosophy and values are supported by the companies commitment to be an authentic, trustworthy partner to everyone we encounter.


  • Communicate well with our customers and colleagues.
  • Embrace teamwork.
  • Collaborate to find the best outcome.
  • Share knowledge.

Make it happen:

  • Give great service.
  • Innovate and create the best solutions.
  • Strive for excellence.
  • Be fearless and have a go.

Space Television
at the core of things

Space Television offers reliability and innovation that runs through the core of everything we do, from product development to our friendly and efficient service and support.

Over the years Space Television has diversified its expertise. We have expanded our product range from television aerials and satellite equipment to include fibre to the home, audiovisual communications, and security surveillance.

Our focus has remained constant throughout this process of expansion. We are committed to delivering technological solutions to the environments where people need to have reliability and stability:

  • homes
  • hospitals
  • the hospitality industry
  • places of learning
  • work places
  • entertainment venues
  • retail spaces,
  • government institutions.


As a technology company that owns and invests in goods and services, properties and manufacturing, Space Television (Pty) Ltd. operates under three specific brand names;


our Solutions

Providing solutions that are easy to use.

These principles are of paramount importance to Space Television. They apply from the very first research and product design sketches, all the way to our customer service and support, and every step in between.

Space Television has a customer driven culture, in which it is easy to have your questions answered. Our expert help and guidance is always clear and straight forward.

Space Television provides solutions for the reception, processing and distribution of video, audio and data.

  • Reception and distribution of signals for multiple residential units (MATV/SMATV).
  • Reception and distribution of satellite and terrestrial signals for a single residential unit.
  • Solutions for CCTV and security.
  • Solutions for cable antenna television (CATV)
  • Solutions for IPTV+ Digital Signage.

our Project Solutions

This is your best choice for delivering reliable solutions to your customers in an ever-changing market, where you are able to supply them with an ever-upgradable solution.

Space Television has the technological leadership and passionate motivation to deliver innovative and reliable solutions to the hospitality, commercial and residential sectors.

We offer flexibility with modular, adaptive designs and hybridised options. Our Head-End solutions are an excellent technological investment with low depreciation and a maximum return on investment.

Space Television Head-End Solution installations have the ability to offer hot-swap and remote access, thus reducing installation, configuration and maintenance time. Coupled with the prospect of future up-scaling of the system, as well as reliable performance and ease of use, Space Television Head-End Solutions boost your customers’ goodwill and loyalty, which, in turn, means repeat business and increased revenue for you.

Project Management from Start to Finish

A single supplier delivering solutions, services and products to suit your specific requirements

System design

We design a system best suited to your requirements and provide you with a comprehensive quote and system design. Once you have approved it, you can forward our design and Bill of Quantities (BOQ) to an installer of your choice.

By using this method, you can be assured that you have a neutral party designing the system for you, giving you the best possible solution for your buildings.

System design with tender documents

We design a system best suited to your requirements and provide you with a Bill of Quantities (BOQ), System Schematic and Draw up Tender Documents. These documents you would then forward onto various technicians for them to bid on.

QA will be done after the installation to ensure that the technician has followed the design schematic.

Project management from start to finish

If you are looking for a trusted partner with over 30 years’ experience in the industry, then this option is for you; we take full control of the project, and walk with you step by step during the entire roll-out.

Using our equipment and drawing from our pool of qualified technicians, we ensure a quality, hassle-free project.


We work with the leading expert s in the industry to deliver comprehensive project solutions and products to the market


At Space Television we carry a comprehensive range of products which cater for
commercial and domestic applications, including industry related installations.

OUR Brands

Space Television leads the industry in high definition television reception equipment and has a
comprehensive range of products, marketed under our registered trademarks. These brands include:.

OUR Agencies

In addition to our registered house branded products, Space Television is the distribution
agent for a select group of products from international companies. These include:

Space Television ACADEMY

Space Television’s purpose is to provide a pathway to a better future for contractors and installers.








To meet the rising demand for digital entertainment and technologies, Space Television has developed a series of accredited television reception, CCTV and fibre optic training courses to help technicians gain the knowledge and skills needed to keep up with the everevolving technological landscape.


Our program is an ongoing process and continues to provide installers with the theoretical and practical knowledge required to service the field with confidence. As our customers become more technologically proficient, their service expectations of their technicians also increases.


We are passionate about people learning new skills and improving their job prospects. In order to build this offering, we have developed various online training Webinars & product specific informative videos available on our website and via our YouTube Channel.


The Space Xpress semi-portable Kiosk is a customisable, Digital TV Retail & Service Support Point suited to community development.

The Space Xpress Kiosk outlet enables and empowers local entrepreneurship and sustainable community development.

  • Portable – the Space Xpress Kiosk can easily be moved from one location to another.
  • Affordable – the cost per square meter of customized steel container is significantly lower than the cost to construct a building from scratch.
  • Durable – the kiosk is a weatherproof steel construction.
  • Sales and Installation of Satellite and Digital TV and associated installation accessories, (satellite dish, antenna, set top box, Hdmi cables and remote handsets)
  • Sales of Solar and Clean energy solutions and connectivity solutions including phone chargers.

Space Xpress Kiosks

Designed for connecting and empowering communities to help bridge the digital divide.

Our Space Xpress Kiosk outlets have been custom designed and developed to grow and develop our Space TV footprint into the Small Medium and Micro Enterprise (SMME) sector of the economy in the South African townships and rural settlements partnering with entrepreneurs actively running the Space Xpress Kiosk operations.

The Space Xpress Kiosk is a robust, multi-purpose technology incubator and digital hub, which is deployed into townships, rural and remote settlements, which enables these communities to be transformed into inclusive micro-industries and ultimately changing peoples lives and developing a technological ecosystem, with access to technology, products and services normally not available to these communities.

The Space Xpress Kiosks are hybrid, AC and off-grid solar powered kiosks that operate free from the national power utility company and are fully fitted with battery banks to independently power each kiosk.

Each Space Xpress Kiosk is supplied with cloud based digital signage, product and community information signage TV display, and SAP CRM computer accounting with POS.

Each Space Xpress Kiosk is multi-purpose by design for market needs delivering technology and services to people in need to achieve a better life by having access to products, services and customer support on the ground is a game changer to these communities.


The Space Xpress Kiosk is a digital and technology platform intended to serve as a catalyst for digital vision and is an innovation hub for empowering rural communities in South Africa and the African continent.

Space Xpress Kiosks

Products and Services include:

  • LTE/5G Routers and Signal Antennas
  • Recharge Data Bundles and App Streaming (DStv Now, Showmax, Netflix, Disney and Amazon Prime)
  • Community Wifi Hot Spot Solutions & Network Products
  • Fibre Broadband connectivity products and service
  • DStv Satellite products and Subscription, Decoder Sales, Box Swop and Installation Vouchers
  • AV products, Hdmi Cables, Remote Handsets, Accessories
  • Digital Terrestrial TV Antenna and Set-Top Boxes
  • Digital Free-To-Air Satellite TV
  • Portable Power (back-up power) and Solar (alternative power) products and solutions for load shedding

Benefits to the Community include:

  • Creating long term business partnerships with emerging entrepreneurs
  • Bringing technology to the people
  • Removing the regional imbalance in townships and rural Communities
  • Skills development
  • Creating smart townships & informal settlements
  • Improving the financial status of people and changing peoples lives to have access to power and technology
  • Building trust in the Space Brand (brand awareness)
  • Lowering the cost to have access to the latest products and technology
  • Providing our partners and customers with a competitive edge in the market .
  • Fulfilment, increase in trust with respect to the company, partners, customers and the public
  • Providing faster and more reliable connectivity
  • Delivering value, customer after-sales technical support

Space Xpress Kiosks

Growing our Space Xpress Kiosk footprint within South Africa

Our Space Xpress Kiosk footprint is growing with multiple kiosks currently positioned strategically throughout South Africa. The Space Xpress Kiosks are available on a franchise model that is tailored to benefit both the franchisee and their surrounding community – get in touch to discover more!

Benefits to the franchisee:

  • Established brand recognition
  • Proven business model
  • Training and support
  • Marketing support


Space Television is committed to environmental, health and safety excellence. We believe in good corporate environmental citizenship in the communities in which we operate and in providing a healthy and safe work place.

We are committed to complying with, and exceeding, all environmental health and safety laws and regulations wherever we operate in Africa. Space Television seeks to conserve energy and reduce waste. We work to instil these values with all our staff members.


In providing new technological solutions, Space Television leverages our diverse brands, drives operational excellence and is committed to the highest standards of business practice. Together, all of these drive Space Television in long-term growth, value and success.

We aim to fully understand and exceed our customers’ needs, wants and preferences to provide greater value than anyone else. We build on the company’s reputation and image internally and externally, while driving initiatives to ensure Space Television remains the best choice for our customers and our employees.


Space Television strives to be our customers ’ first choice in the markets we serve by exceeding our customers ’ expectations .


Space Television is committed to minimizing the environmental impact that Space Television’s products places on the environment through all aspects of the supply chain, and the impact that business practices place on the environment locally.

This commitment is demonstrated by Space Television:

  • Reviewing existing packaging types for all products by 2023
  • Implementing a review of new product packaging marketed before it is distributed
  • Using materials, water and energy efficiently
  • Maximise the use of electronic media in favour of hard copy maintaining a process of review to ensure the most appropriate packaging and processes are used at all times to minimise the amount of waste and litter generated.

The Company will apply four key themes to ensure sustainability measures are maintained;

  1. Products designed and produced, reduce ecological footprint.
  2. Supply Chain: Work together with our suppliers and partners to reduce the environmental footprint of our supply chain.
  3. Logistics: Lower Environmental impact in the way we assemble and transport our products.
  4. Business: Conduct our business in a sustainable manner.

Our Competitive Landscape

  • 4000+ Countywide Installers Base
  • SpaceTV Training Academy
  • Group Infrastructure
  • Track record – 45 years
  • Supply Chain
  • Exclusive brands distributor
  • Multichoice preferred supplier
  • Multichoice SpaceTV Kiosk country wide roll-out

FUTURE Business Growth Opportunities:

  • Existing Traditional TV business
  •  Connectivity
  • – Fibre (Existing)
  • – IOT over Satellite/5G
  • – Wireless Connectivity (New)
  • – Broadband Ku/Ka Band (Existing)
  • ISP (New)
  • IOT (New)
  • Smart Home/Security
  • Digital Signage (New)
  • Space Express Kiosk roll-out.
  • Solar Energy (Existing)
  • Rental Finance – Headend & Instruments
  • Video over Fibre – Telco business
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