Deployment of the latest Fintech Products and Solutions.

The Space Xpress semi-portable Kiosk is a customisable, Digital TV Retail & Service Support Point suited to community development. The Space Xpress Kiosk outlet enables and empowers local entrepreneurship and sustainable community development.

Portable – the Space Xpress Kiosk can be moved from one location to another with reduced risk of damage in transport.

Affordable – the cost per m2 of a customised steel container is significantly lower than to construct a new building.

Durable & Secure – the kiosks are of a weatherproof steel construction with fully lockable entrance and trading hatch.

Sales & Installation of Satellite, Digital TV and associated installation accessories. (Dishes, Antenna, STB’s, Cables, etc.)

Energy & Connectivity – Sales of solar and clean energy solutions and connectivity solutions including phone chargers.

Fintech – Secure digital electronic payment and money transfers with the latest Fintech solutions.

Connecting People and Changing Lives

Our Space Xpress Kiosk outlets have been custom designed and developed to grow and develop our Space TV footprint into the Small Medium and Micro Enterprise (SMME) sector of the economy in the South African townships and rural settlements partnering with entrepreneurs actively running the Space Xpress Kiosk operations.


The Space Xpress Kiosk is a robust, multi-purpose technology incubator and digital hub, which is deployed into townships, rural and remote settlements, which enables these communities to be transformed into inclusive micro-industries and ultimately changing peoples lives and developing a technological ecosystem, with access to technology, products and services normally not available to these communities.

“Space Xpress is the community SMME engine of inclusive, job-creating economic growth, while also digitising the community through our connectivity solutions helps bring about hope and enables the sector to fulfil promise.”


Partnering entrepreneurs to help benefit their communities

  • Creating long term business partnerships with emerging entrepreneurs.
  • Delivering Financial Services to the underserved.
  • Introducing innovation that simplifies payment and money transfer in the informal sector.
  • Digital and electronic payments as alternatives to trading in cash.
  • Bringing technology to the people.
  • Removing the regional imbalance in townships and rural communities.
  • Skills development.
  • Creating smart townships & informal settlements
  • Improving the financial status of people and changing peoples lives to have access to power and technology
  • Building trust in the Space Brand (brand awareness)
  • Lowering the cost to have access to the latest products and technology.
  • Providing our partners and customers with a competitive edge in the market.
  • Fulfilment, increase in trust with respect to the company, partners, customers and the public
  • Providing faster and more reliable connectivity
  • Delivering value, customer after-sales technical support.

It’s more than just a kiosk

  • Affordable & Durable. The cost per square meter of customized and weatherproof steel container is significantly lower than the cost to construct a building from scratch.
  • Customized Retail Options: We offer several custom design options to suite your budget and maximize your branding, Storage and Retail space and revenue from digital signage screens to custom software and graphic wraps.
  • Custom stores built for your market needs: The Space Express Kiosk can be tailored to include a range of products that satisfy your customer demand.
  • Unique Rural Shopping Experience and high-tech design with a strong focus on style and presentation.
  • Helps increase Revenue to Broadcasters and Telcos by reaching remote communities.
  • Latest Technology & Gadgets now available to New Markets.
  • A Technology Hub for the community
    The Space Express Kiosk can be transformed into a Virtual Mobile Network, Internet and Financial Service Operator within the Community, enabling SMME Entrepreneurs to transition into the digital age.

Wide range of products, services & opportunities

Audio Visual

  • Satellite Hardware Sales
    (Dish kits & Decoders) and Installations
  • Subscription activations and Subscription Payments
  • Decoder Box Swop
  • AV Accessory sales, Power
  • Supply, Remote Handsets, HDMI Cables and AV Cables
  • Digital Free to Air Satellite and DTT Set Top Box and Antenna

LTE / 5G Reception

  • Community Wi-Fi Hotspot
  • LTE/5G Routers, Accessories and Data
  • Recharge Vouchers for Prepaid services
  • Cell Phone Charging stations

Fintech Services

Financial Services including:

  • Funeral Policies, Money Transfer Services.
  • Municipal Payments, Water and Electricity.
  • Secure digital electronic payment and Money Transfer with the latest Tech-Fin solutions allowing instant realtime payment, alternatives to cash tractions.

Renewable Energy

  • Renewable Energy
  • Portable Power and Solar Products
  • Battery Storage
  • Lights

Affordable with great returns

With an initial startup cost considered and the value of stock supplied, Express kiosks have the potential of profitable returns within 6-10 months. Consider bolt-on services (mobile data, device charging, internet access, etc) which benefit the community and the profit options are almost limitless.


Commercial products readily available for all kiosks


Kiosks setup within South Africa over the last 18 months.


Service options available to each kiosk (Products, Internet, Data and Financial Services)


Return on Investment within the first 10 Months


New jobs created by allowing communities access to digital technologies


Expanding our trading footprint

Our Space Xpress Kiosk footprint is growing with multiple kiosks currently positioned strategically throughout South Africa. The Space Xpress Kiosks are available on a franchise model that is tailored to benefit both the franchisee and their surrounding community – get in touch to discover more!

Benefits to the franchisee

  • Established brand recognition
  • Proven business model
  • Training and support
  • Marketing support

“The Space Xpress Kiosk is a digital and technology platform intended to serve as a catalyst for digital vision and is an innovation hub for empowering rural communities.”

Built around your needs

The Space Xpress Kiosks are hybrid, AC and off-grid solar powered kiosks that operate free from the national power utility company and are fully fitted with battery banks to independently power each kiosk.

Each Space Xpress Kiosk is supplied with cloud based digital signage, product and community information signage TV display, and SAP CRM computer accounting with POS.

Each Space Xpress Kiosk is multi-purpose by design for market needs delivering technology and services to people in need to achieve a better life by having access to products, services and customer support on the ground is a game changer to these communities.

Ample Safe Storage of Equipment
Product Display
Solar Powered Solution
Secure Trading Hatch


About the Container


  • 6 Meter Express Kiosk container.
  • Two separate operational areas (shop front and storage area) with one access point with serving hatch, shop front cupboards with glass display shelves, shop front display shelving (Steel peg board with pegs) and industrial shelving for stock in storage area.
  • The Serving hatch will have a lockable fold-up awning and perspex window panel for security purposes in the serving area.
  • The Shop front area will be insulated.
  • Industrial PVC Floor cover will be installed.
  • The industrial shelving will be covered with PVC tiles for durability in the storage area.
  • A fire extinguisher will be installed.
  • Aluminum trimming will be added.

Plugs & Lighting

AC – Distribution board with surge arrestors, LED light circuits, six plug sockets, wiring for the Space dish, will be installed in the Express Kiosk container. A voltage regulator will be installed to prevent electrical surges from utility supplier. The Unit will be fitted with an integrated mains supply socket and Earth spike (fitment / installation not included).

Plugs & Lighting

AC – Distribution board with surge arrestors, LED light circuits, six plug sockets, wiring for the Space dish, will be installed in the Express Kiosk container. A voltage regulator will be installed to prevent electrical surges from utility supplier. The Unit will be fitted with an integrated mains supply socket and Earth spike (fitment / installation not included).

Solar Power

Provision is made for a Growatt 5000-Watt Inverter – off the grid Solar / renewable energy system with all required circuit brakers, surge arrestors and combiner box. Solar panels with mounting rails and brackets will be supplied which should have an average of 1000 Watts for 9 hours on a sunny day (fitment / installation not included). Provision is made for 2 x 5000-Watt Lithiumion Greenrich batteries.

Painting & Branding

We have made provision to spray-paint the Express Kiosk container on the in and outside. We have also included custom branding (as per specification of the customer) by means of Polymeric Vinyl and Lamination of 3 x corrugated visible outside surfaces of the Express Kiosk container.


  • Perspex panel.
  • Fitting Security door on the inside of the Container entrance door.
  • Vinyl Printing to be added to the container double doors of the Container.
  • Floor Fan to be added in the Container for ventilation.
  • Fitting Secure storage compartment inside the Container.
  • Additional security measures to be added to the entrance door.
  • A Weather strip which needs to be added to the top of the hatches will be supplied (fitment / installation not included)

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