The Benefits of an RF Video Overlay Solution

A modern day optical fibre network, capable of virtually infinite data transmission capacity, has become an essential platform to satisfy the high demand for large volumes of data transmission.

RF Video Overlay technology enables the addition of Television and Radio signal distribution over FTTx networks, allowing end-users to enjoy both analogue and digital television broadcasts without the need for the installation of external satellite and terrestrial antennas.

RF Video Overlay is based on a mature technology and provides reliable and high-quality linear television distribution platform that can be adapted to any size of network deployment.

Utilizing an existing / shared services fibre optic network, allows for a cost-effective deployment and low capital layout to developers and property owners.

A high-performance & cost-effective solution for RF video overlay distribution via FTTH

Introducing a reliable, high quality and cost-effective solution for distributing TV services over fibre-to-thehome (FTTH) networks.

As bandwidth requirements continue to increase worldwide, fibre networks are essential for global operators and service providers to build competitive services and deployment of FTTH networks. Fibre networks not only deliver higher data speeds and are therefore critical for attracting new users, but they also slash operating costs and increase maintenance efficiency.

Ideal for use in CATV, FTTX and HFC applications.

Optimized for 1550nm wavelength.

  • Each output of the EDFA is capable of feeding up to 128 end points
  • Single input for Feed on 1550nm.
  • Output adjustable by the Front Panel Interface or by the WEB User Interface
  • Maintenance function of one-time downward attenuation of 6dBm by buttons in the front panel or web SNMP, to facilitate the optical fiber hotplug operation without turn off the device
  • The Device can combine 1310nm and 1490nm wavelengths on the built in WDM together with the 1550nm output of the EYDFA
  • Via the Web Interface, one can configure the SNMP Traps, Alerts, Power output etc.
  • Safety Key to power off the lazer during system maintenance
  • Built in RF Test Port
  • Adopts JDSU or Oclaro Pump laser
  • Handy Indicator Lights built into front panel
  • Dual power supply for redundancy
Our range of SF-EDFA fibre amplifiers offer either 1, 2, 4, 8, 16 or 32 ports. Speak to us about a solution designed to meet all your needs.


Products used in conjuction with EDFA’s to deliver services

Digital cable TV (DVB-C, DVB-C2) and satellite TV services (DVB-S, DVB-S2) can be offered. The output signals of RF Video Overlay solutions are inherently compatible with standard TV or (U)HDTV sets and STBs (set-top boxes). As each solution may differ based on the existing infrastructure, various additional products may need to be included – Get in touch and let our Technical Team assist in designing the best solution for your requirements.

Space Ultra HD Fibreglass Satellite Dish

The 120cm dish with a Wholeband LNB offer the perfect combination for signal reception and distribution to an entire network.

Product code: D120-O-SMC-V

Global Invacom OTx Optical Headend Kit 1310nm

A wideband input kit with GI OTx 1310nm Optical Headend and GI Wideband LNB. Fully compatible with all the current FibreIRS equipment and designed for future compatibility.

Product code: D000452

DStv Fibre Termination Unit (FTU)

DStv FTU with 3 Unicable (DSCr) outputs and 1 DTT output is designed for DStv communal systems which make use of the fibre.

Product code: Zinwell GTU-MS

DStv Wave Distribution Multiplexer

DStv Wave Distribution Multiplexer multiplexes a number of optical carrier signals onto a single optical fibre by using different wavelengths.

Product code: FTU-CWDM

Our range of fibre products

Apart from the main headend side of RF Overlay are the additional bits & pieces that complete the Solution. Due to the variety of requirements within each solution, variations of different products could be used, get in touch with use to assist and guide you to the correct combination of products.

Fibre Splitters 1:4 upto 1:32

Our fibre splitters offer minimal loss to ensure your throughput is maximised. Choose from SC or LC in branches of 4, 8, 16 or 32.

Fibre Cables

Offering various configurations for different requirements – FC/PC, SC/ APC, LC/PC, Duplex, Armoured – available in various lengths

Fibre Couplers and Adaptors

DStv Quad Fibre Termination Unit designed and manufactured for DStv communal systems which make use of the fibre.

Splice Trays

Splice trays are designed to hold individual or mass fusion spliced fibres.

Discover the best solution for your next installation.

Our range of products offer you:

  • Easy Expansion
  • Future proof installation
  • Excellent signal quality and strength over vast area’s
  • Single fibre rather than multiple coaxial cables
  • Reliable Future safe investment

Fully connected environment
HD TV at every point
Fully secured with CCTV
Full control at every TV point

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