Ditch the Dish for Fibre and revolutionize your Streaming Experience

Connect the ARRIS Space Connect VAP4641 directly to your Router. Then simply connect the DStv Streama to the internet via the VAP4641 and seamlessly stream what you want, when you want, anywhere in your home – no dish required! Additional VAP4641’s can be added wirelessly to the main VAP4641 in a mesh configuration.

The DStv Streama connects to the internet and to your TV, allowing you to stream from a variety of apps including DStv, Showmax, Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube and YouTube kids. It is a digital media player / TV Box with easy to use menus allowing you to stream content from different suppliers while using the same device, same remote and same interface. Unlike decoders, it does not require installation nor connection to a satellite dish

High speed Wi-Fi in every corner of your home

The ARRIS Space Connect VAP4641 Wi-Fi Extenders deliver high-speed, reliable Wi-Fi throughout the home – no more dead spots. They are easy to install and manage.

VAP4641s work together to extend Wi-Fi coverage. One VAP4641 is connected to the home gateway or router, other VAP4641s can be placed around the home to provide additional coverage.

Features and Benefits:

  • All-in-one solution: Wireless access point, Ethernet port, intelligent optimization software.
  • Dual Band Concurrent: Works at both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands simultaneously.
  • WPS: Simple setup button to securely connect supported devices.
  • Multi SSID: Multiple SSID’s can be created to allow different users access to the Internet/ Network.
  • Wi-Fi CERTIFIED EasyMesh™: Extend coverage by using additional Space Connect wireless access points.

Easy to Install and Use

Adding extenders for enhanced coverage is easy, following a simple pairing process Wi-Fi SSIDs and passwords are automatically transferred to the new extender, such that there is a single SSID for seamless mobility around the home.

The ARRIS Wi-Fi Home smartphone app helps with installation, guiding you through the process and helping place the VAP4641s in the best location in the house The App also enables you to manage your Wi-Fi network: to view what devices are connected, to change passwords and test the speed of your broadband.

Maximized Wi-Fi Performance

The intelligent software in the VAP4641s constantly monitors and optimizes Wi-Fi performance, ensuring that devices are best connected. Devices are automatically moved between Wi-Fi channels, between bands and between extenders to ensure high throughput and reliable connections, even as you move around the home.

Wi-Fi Certified EasyMesh™

The VAP4641 is Wi-Fi Certified EasyMesh. This means it will work together with any certified home gateway or router in a seamless mesh network.

  • Ultra-fast & powerful Wi-Fi extender
  • UEasy to configure mesh network
  • UApp controlled Wi-Fi environment

Fast. Stable. Intelligent.


Provide additional coverage and performance throughout the home using Network Extenders (Wi-Fi access points) without dead-spots or needing to reconnect to a different SSID.


Installed easily. Wi-Fi certified EasyMesh™ extenders are plug-and-play, quick and are self-configuring from the gateway. They connect to the gateway using Wi-Fi or Ethernet.


The home gateway automatically steers devices to the access point with the strongest signal or moves them between channels / band to avoid congestion.


Security and privacy are priority. While much of the security is hidden from the customer’s view, features such as controlled guest access and the ability to limit network access ensures secure connections.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Extenders work together to create a MESH network?
The ARRIS EasyMesh system automatically connects your devices to the Router(s) or Extender(s) with the clearest nearby signal. As you move around in your home, your device can seamlessly switch back and forth between Router(s) and Extender(s), giving you the strongest signal wherever you go.

How many Nodes do I need?
The number of devices you need depends on the size and layout of your home and whether your router/gateway is Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Easymesh. If your router / gateway supports Easymesh then it can be part of the mesh network and additional coverage can be provided by a single VAP4641 extender. For larger homes additional nodes may be added up to a maximum of 3. For most homes one or two extenders are sufficient.

If your router does not support Easymesh then an additional extender is used, connected to the router/gateway, so the minimum number of VAP4641s required is two and the maximum is four.

Does this device replace my router or home gateway?
No, you’ll still need a router or gateway. The VAP4641 simply extends the coverage of your Wi-Fi signal.

How do I connect my VA P4641?
Installation varies slightly depending on whether your home router / gateway is Easymesh enabled.
If it is, then installation is a simple matter of plugging in the power cable and pressing a button on the gateway and extender. The mesh point is automatically configured from the router / gateway.
For routers / gateways without Easymesh, then two VAP4641s are required. Plug one unit into the router / gateway with the supplied Ethernet cable then plug the supplied power cords into both VAP4641s.
The two units are paired by pressing a button on both devices.

How do I access and manage my Wi-Fi network?
You can access and manage your network using the ARRIS Wi-Fi Home App from the Google Play Store and Apple Store.

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