Introducing TRIAX TDX, an Innovative Technology for Video and Television

As various programming and content grows, linear television has become an essential source of information and entertainment in our homes, offices, hotels, and when we spend time in a medical facility and frail care.

With the high cost of installing and maintaining a commercial television distribution network, it is of the utmost importance that it is done correctly the first time to ensure the longevity and reliability of the infrastructure.

Based on the legendary TDX Pool Technology, the TRIAX TDX is the ultimate choice when delivering flexible and reliable solutions to particularly the hospitality sector and other commercial commodities.

Simply put, the TRIAX TDX is Television Redefined.

The TRIAX TDX is a compact integrated headend system offering excellent flexibility

The TRIAX TDX is a compact integrated headend system ideally suited for commercial and hospitality television reception and distribution. The unique design and legendary TDX pool technology ensure that each system is easily configured to suit the individual requirements of each potential deployment.

The TRIAX TDX offers excellent flexibility to ensure that any solution required can be customised to suit each deployment. So whether you need a headend to distribute a couple of analogue RF channels or you require the distribution of hundreds of HD television and radio services via a single coaxial or IP network, the TDX will not disappoint.

The TRIAX TDX Black Edition headend has 16 individual input slots in the top half of this well-designed chassis. Each input slot can be populated with various inputs selected from the wide range of TDX input cards.

A fully supported & flexible solution

Introducing DRM function for LG hospitality TVs

LG Hospitality TVs can now be used to display encrypted premium content within TRIAX’s seamless hospitality environment.

The TRIAX TDX headend now supports Pro:Idiom®, the global high quality Digital Rights Management solution from LG Electronics. You can now securely distribute end-to-end encrypted HDTV content from TRIAX headends to LG Hospitality TVs in your establishment.

The Pro:Idiom® DRM is available on a new TRIAX IP backend module that can be installed in any TDX headend. No additional hardware beyond the LG Hospitality TV is required, and pre-existing headend installations can easily be upgraded with a new IP backend and the 5.0 software.

Please note that the LG support is currently for IPTV, whereas the Samsung Link support is for IPTV and RF (DVB-T and DVB-C).

Samsung Lynk DRM™ integrated headend

The Samsung DRM license makes it possible to scramble IP and digital modulated services (QAM, COFDM) in the TDX with a scrambling code that Samsung hospitality TV’s with integrated DRM function, can receive and de-crypt.

A simple licence key is all that’s needed to install Samsung’s powerful premium content solution onto the TDX headend.

The ease with which it can be installed and managed on the straightforward TRIAX interface is also an advantage for hospitality providers, adding even more value to a flexible, fully-supported hospitality solution that improves guest engagement and maximises revenues.

* Please note that the LG support is currently for IPTV, whereas the Samsung Link support is for IPTV and RF (DVB-T and DVB-C).

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