Ideal for use in CATV, FTTX and HFC applications.
Optimized for 1550nm wavelength.

  • Each output of the EDFA is capable of feeding up to 128 end points
  • Single input for Feed on 1550nm
  • Output adjustable by the Front Panel Interface or by theWEB User Interface
  • Maintenance function of one-time downward attenuation of 6dBm by buttons in the front panel or web SNMP, to facilitate the optical fiber hotplug operation without turn off the device
  • The Device can combine 1310nm and 1490nm wavelengths on the built in WDM together with the 1550nm output of the EYDFA
  • Via the Web Interface, one can configure the SNMP Traps, Alerts, Power output etc.
  • Safety Key to power off the lazer during system maintenance
  • Built in RF Test Port
  • Adopts JDSU or Oclaro Pump laser
  • Handy Indicator Lights built into front panel
  • Dual power supply for redundancy

Our range of SF-EDFA fibre amplifiers offer either 1, 2, 4, 8, 16 or 32 ports. Speak to us about a solution designed to meet all your needs


Discover the best solution for your next installation

Our range of products offer you:

  • Easy Expansion
  • Future proof installation
  • Excellent signal quality and strength over vast area’s
  • Single fibre rather than multiple coaxial cables
  • Reliable Future safe investment

Fully connected environment
HD TV at every point
Fully secured with CCTV
Full control at every TV point

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