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43317 - Docking Streamer Bluetooth Audio receiver for analog Apple docking-stations


Small and modest on the outside – smart and original on the inside: that is the DockingStreamer. The small Bluetooth adapter breathes new life into old sound stations. Starting immediately, systems with the wide 30-pin connector, which have been living a mere shadow existence since the introduction of the new Apple Lightning connectors, can now return to their old form with the DockingStreamer. Thanks to the patented connector system, the analog adapter can be hooked up in seconds and then connected to any Bluetooth-ready smart phone or tablet. It works again – and it’s so simple!

  • revive sound docks to new life with 30-pin Apple Dock Connector
  • patented sound output uses the analog interface of the sound dock
  • compatible with all common smartphones and tablets via Bluetooth 3.0
  • setup within one minute due to auto pairing
  • compact dimensions ensure accurate fit on all devices
  • music replay and control possible over a distance up to 10 m
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