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ALCAD Masthead Amplifier 2 inputs, UHF-BIII/BI (FM Rejected), 26dB Gain, (12v dc)


The AM-417 amplifier has been designed for outdoor use as a mast device. The item can be applied within small antenna installations (several to a dozen or so outlets). It can be fed from a typical 12 V / 100 mA power supply with RF/DC separator e.g. ZS12/100 D0010. It can be also powered via coax cable from some used within an installation amplifier e.g. CA-215 R90461. The amplifier is characterized by low noise ratio.

Installation and security notes

The amplifier is fed through a coaxial cable with 12 V voltage, from a stabilized power supply with RF/DC separator. The amplifier is designed for mast mounting, and it can work in open spaces. To avoid any possible damage power should not be switched on until all connections have been properly made.
It is advised to use the AL-105 (R903087) or ZS 12/100 (D0010) power supply. The device can also be supplied from CA-215 R90461 amplifier, or another amplifier that can provide power with 12 V voltage through the coax cable and has at least 60 mA free capacity. Optional preamplifiers can be put into UHF paths and pass-through powered, up to 50 mA (the FM+BI/B2 and BIII inputs are not anticipated for such purpose).









Frequency range band FM+BI/BII BIII BIV/BV BIV/BV
MHz 41- 108 162 – 254 470 – 862 470 – 862
Gain dB


26 38 38
Gain adjustment dB 22 22 16 16
Separation between inputs dB >30
Noise figure dB <5 +/-0.5 <5 +/-0.5 <5.5 +/-0.5 <5.5 +/-0.5
Output level dBuV 106 (DIN45004B)
Input impedance ohm 75
Power V/mA 12V / 45mA
Working temperature oC -10 to +65
Weather protection standard IP53


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