Product Information
ALCAD AM-356 is a low-noise masthead amplifier mounted close to the antenna array. The amplifier increases signal power to the level required for connecting several or so receivers/TVs. Compared to its predecessor (AM-316), the maximum gain has been slightly reduced to optimize reception of DVB-T signals, and the housing has been changed as well. The new housing enables the installer to use practically any kind of compression F connectors, including PCT products.

The AM-356 amplifier can be fed from a typical 12 V / 100 mA power supply with RF/DC separator. It can also be powered via the RF cable. When installing preamplifiers it must be remembered to check the overall current consumption in order not to exceed the power supply’s maximum capacity, or choose in advance appropriate device.

Distinguishing features

  • max gain: 32 dB (UHF), 20 dB (FM/DAB);
  • inputs: FM/DAB, 2*UHF;
  • max noise figure: 6.5 dB (UHF), 6 dB (FM/DAB);
  • remote line powering (12 V);
  • preamplifier powering option (12 V);
  • F connectors;
  • test output;
  • outdoor housing.


Installation and security notes

AM-356 amplifiers are fed through coaxial cable, with 12V voltage from a stabilized power supply with RF/DC separator. The amplifier is designed for mast mounting, and it can work in open spaces. To avoid any possible damage, power should not be switched on until all connections have been properly made.

It is advised to use the AL-105 ( R903087) or ZS 12/100 ( D0010) power supply. The device can also be supplied from the input of Terra HS-013 R82010 amplifier, or any other amplifier which can provide 12 V power through coaxial cable and has at least 50 mA capacity (with no preamplifiers). Optional preamplifiers with max current consumption of 50 mA can be put into UHF1 and UHF2 paths (the FM/DAB input is not suitable for this application).


Name AM-356
Code R903056
Frequency range [MHz] 88-108
470-862 470-862
Gain (max) [dB] 20 32 32
Gain adjustment [dB] 20 16 16
Max output level [dBμV] 108 (DIN45004B)
105 (IMD3-66dB)
93 (IMD2-60dB)
Noise figure [dB] 5 +/-1 5.5 +/-1
Isolation between inputs [dB] > 30
Power 12 V, 45 mA
DC pass-through for preamp 12 V 12 V
Operating temperature [°C] -10…+65
IP rating IP53




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