DStv A6 Remote for Explora - REM-MCA6

  • Only compatible with the DStv Explora
  • Supports multiple modes (3)
  • Designed to fit your hand, with raised buttons and varied textures for ease of use
  • Visual feedback when a remote control button is pushed
  • SMS keys for easy text entry
  • This remote can be programmed to control other audio/visual equipment

You only need one remote to control your total DStv Explora viewing experience!
Use your A6 remote to :

  • Switch your DStv Explora and other audio/visual equipment (like your TV or surround sound system) in or out of standby
    Getting ready to watch DStv just got so much easier! There’s no need to find the remote for the TV and the surround sound system before you settle down on the couch.
    You can switch all these devices on (or off) with just one button press on your A6 remote.
    We call this “Standby Relay”.
  • Control other audio/visual equipment
    You can use the same remote you use to control your DStv Explora to control your surround sound system. Follow the steps to programme your A6 remote to change volume on your surround sound system, or even the TV.
    We call this “Volume Relay”.
  • Set up macros
    Do you have things that you do each time you use the DStv Explora? Example :
    • Checking the weather forecast for the town you live in
    • Going straight to the Series in DStv Catch Up
    Now you can programme a macro to do that for you. Only two button presses on your A6 remote and the DStv Explora will automatically run the steps in the sequence you have programmed.
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