DVR-3216 - ICATCH 32CH Embedded Real Time HD1 & CIF H2.64 DVR 800/800fps, Networkable, HDMI output, D1 recording 400fps

Product Specifications

  • H.264 32xHD1 Real-Time DVR
  • 800 FPS@HD1 Real-Time Recording
  • Triple Streaming for Live Display playback, & Recording
  • Support CMS E-Map
  • Support Mac System
  • Support Touch-Panel LCD Monitor
  • Support 3G Mobile System
  • Support Up to 4 Internal HDD
  • Support HDMI Output
  • Support eSATA Interface

Additional Information

The DVR-3216 is a realtime networkable 32-ch HD1 dvr, that can be accessed via cellphone dial up using software provided.

  Hard Disk Compatibility List

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