Product Specifications

Input Frequency Range
3.4~4.2 GHz
F/D Ratio
0.28~0.42 (Adjustable)
Image Rejection
45dB (Min.)
Input Reflector
Prime Focus
Cros pol. Isolation
20dB (Typ.)
Conversion Gain 65dB (Typ.)
Gain Flatness
65dB (Typ.)
Noise Temperature
17 K (Type.)
L.O Frequency 5.150 GHz
L.O Frequency Stability
+/- 1.0 MHz @ 25o C
+/- 2.5MHz @ -40o C ~+60o C
L.O Phase Noise -60dBc/Hz (1KHz Offset)
-85dBc/Hz (10 KHz Offset)
-95dBc/Hz (100KHz Offset)
Output Frequency Stability
Output Power (at 1dB gain compression) 0dB (Min.)
Output Return Loss 7.5dB
Output Connector 75 F Type Female
Polarity Switching Voltage
H.15 8 ~ 18v
V:11.5 ~ 14.5v
D.C Current Consumption 150mA (Max.)
Operating Temperature -40o C ~ +60o C

Additional Features

  • Receiving all Single and dual polarized C-Band satellite signals
  • Receiving horizontal and vertical signal
  • Excellent DRP and gain flatness
  • Qualified for working in harsh enviroments
  • Superior low noise performance


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