Mono audio modulator in VSB vestigial side band, designed to work with adjacent channels. The audio input can be mono or stereo, in which case the channel will be modulated with a mono audio containing the two stereo channels. The modulator MS-569 covers the B/G, D/K and I standards. The modulator MS-565 covers the M-N standard.

MATV installations where it is necessary to generate an analogue TV channel with mono sound from the audio and video signal from equipment with mono or stereo sound.

Essential features of this equipment are the high carrier to noise ratio together with a very reduced spurious level in the band. Modulation in VSB vestigial side band filtered by means of a SAW surface acoustic wave filter, in any TV channel, including the interbands. F type connector and miniDIN connector for audio/video. Supplied with the multiplexing bridge.

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