Spacecom 50 Ohm Low-loss Coax Cable 300m (CRG-400/300)

Spacecom 50 Ohm Low-loss Coax Cable is ideal where ultra-low loss and a superior performance is required replacing traditional corrugated coax and “RG” cable types. Black outer sheath, 300 metre spool.

Product code: CRG-400/300

Spacecom 50 Ohm Low-loss Coax Cable specifically designed to offer high performance across the bandwidth spectrum offer a real advantage over traditional corrugated cables. The double-sided bonded and flexible braided design allows Spacecom cables to be used throughout the installation, removing the need for jumper cables which are traditionally used to connect corrugated coax cables. With faster termination and reduced risk of kinking, installations can be completed quicker with cost savings on materials and labour.

• Antenna cable runs to base stations, Access Points (AP), bridges or CPE
• Cabling between any WiFi or WiMax antenna and the associated equipment
• Indoor or outdoor use
• LMR (Land Mobile Radio) compatible
• Local MultiPoint Distribution System (LMDS)
• Multi-Channel Multi-Point Distribution Service (MMDS)
• Wireless local loop (WLL)
• Personal Communication Systems (PCS)
• Mobile
• Fixed wireless
• Ham radio

The following connectors are recommended:
Best suited for BNC, TNC, N, SMB, SMA, SMC and FME.

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Centre Conductor 2.74mm Bare copper
Insulation (Dielectric) 7.24mm Foam PE
Shield 1 Bonded Aluminium Foil
Shield 2 144/0.16 TiCCA
Jacket (Sheath) 0/D 6.95mm – PVC – Black
Mechanical Characteristics
Cable weight (incl spool) 13.3kgs/100m
Max Recommended pulling tension 72.7kg
Minimum Band Radius 25.4mm
Operating Temperture -40° to +80°C
Electrical Characteristics
Impedance Capacitance 78.4pF/M: 50 ± 1 Ω Nom
Frequency (MHz) 30
dB/100m 2.29
Avg. Power Watts 3300
Velocity of propagation Capacitance 78.4pF/M:  85%
Frequency (MHz) 50
dB/100m 2.89
Avg. Power Watts 2600
Conductor DCR Capacitance 78.4pF/M:  4.60 Ohms/km
Frequency (MHz) 150
dB/100m 4.95
Avg. Power Watts 1500
Shield DCR Capacitance 78.4pF/M:  5.40 Ohms/km
Frequency (MHz) 220
dB/100m 6.14
Avg. Power Watts 1200
Nom. Inductance Capacitance 78.4pF/M: 0.20 uH/m
Frequency (MHz) 450
dB/100m 8.60
Avg. Power Watts 830
Peak Power Capacitance 78.4pF/M: 16kW
Frequency (MHz) 900
dB/100m 12.83
Avg. Power Watts 580
Nominal Delay Capacitance 78.4pF/M: 5.05ns/mtr
Frequency (MHz) 1500
dB/100m 16.86
Avg. Power Watts 440
Maximum Operating Voltage Capacitance 78.4pF/M: 2500 v RMS
Frequency (MHz) 1800
dB/100m 18.57
Avg. Power Watts 400
Cut off Frequency Capacitance 78.4pF/M:  16.2GHz
Frequency (MHz) 2000
dB/100m 19.65
Avg. Power Watts 370
Return Loss (820-960MHz) Capacitance 78.4pF/M: 20 dB
Frequency (MHz) 2500
dB/100m 22.28
Avg. Power Watts 330
Return Loss (17000-2200MHz) Capacitance 78.4pF/M 20 dB
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