Product Specifications

Coaxial Cable Stripper

The Strip01 cable stripper is perfectly suitable for fast and precise stripping of all common coax cables, e.g. TV antenna cable with a diameter from 4.8 up to 7.5mm, RG 58/59 as well as PVC round cables of 3 x 0.7 mm².
The stripping process is done in two steps by different blades on both ends of the tool. The easy and safe handling of the coaxial cable stripper makes this tool an immense aid for everday's work.
  • Various coaxial cables, exterior stripping range: f4-8mm
  • The stripping of utp+stp data cable in the diameter of 5.0~15.0mm
  • Double-shell laminated stripping tool
  • Adopting reset spring and lock device
  • Cutter arbor adopts reinforced fiberglass and polyester material
  • Length: 110mm
  • Weight: 0.028kg
  • Razor sharp, preset stripping blades for fast, precise and damage free stripping of all common coaxial cables. 
  • Also suitable for stripping 3-core flex. 
  • Working Range 4,8 – 7,5 mm Ø 




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