Triax 2-in 2-out Active TV Link Splitter with IR Return (SLX2-TRIAX2X)

Triax 2-in 2-out Active Compact Splitter with RF Amplifier Active RF Splitter – Split TVLinks or RF Distribution to multiple TV’s.

Product code: SLX2-TRIAX2X

Triax 2-in 2-out Active TV link Splitter with active Heartbeat for Xtraview Installations.

Active RF Splitters are used to distribute a single RF / Aerial signal to multiple displays with RF inputs. These splitters are also used to distribute DStv / Multichoice decoders heartbeat between decoders for Xtraview setups together with TVLinks to allow remote location channel changes on a DStv Decoder.

• All-in-one heart beat and Active RF splitter.
• Connect two decoders in an extra view setup while supplying extra points in the house with TVLINK functionality.
• Designed for current Multichoice DStv extra view systems.
• The Perfect RF OUT to RF OUT Solution.

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