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TV Link Modulator (Ch 21-69) (double side band) - AVM01

Modulates Audio & Video signals to RF signals over coaxial, allowing you to control devices from different rooms

Product code: AVM01

Space AV – UHF Pal Modulator (Ch 21-69) (Double side band)

Modulates Audio / Video I signals to RF signals over coaxial. With this product, the user in the room can share and remote control their Digital Set Top Box, DVR, DVD, AV Receiver which are placed in the living room. This is made possible by converting the A/V signal from the A/V equipments to RF signal and send to various rooms over RF circuits, supports connecting any TV link and SLx3X4 TV link amplifier.

1. Using existing RF circuit in general homes. Remote control signal and power can be transmitted via RF.
2. Sharing of STB, DVD with a few rooms at the same time having the function of remote control in the rooms when the STB,DVD,DVR are positioned in the living room.
3. Flexibilities in setting TV format such as PAUNTSC and Sound IF to accommodate users from all part of the world.
4. With the wide frequency range of 471.25MHz-855.25MHz, both formats of VHF and UHF can be used. Selectable transmitting frequency and Correspondence frequency display and in built memory will minimize and avoid interference.
5. The use of broadcast standard PCB circuit designed enhanced stability and better picture quality further.
6. External setting for NTSC/PAL B/G, I, D/K, L, M, /NTV formats for global use.
7. Warning: When setting up 2 or more receiving host, RF splitter used has to be directional, avoid using splitter with isolated capacitor. To maximize best picture quality, please connect SLx3X4 TV link amplifier.

There are 2 keys for setting, Default setting: PAL 1,38KHz,Channel 21:
1. Select channels: press “CH+” or” CH-” to select channels
2. Sound Carrier Frequency: press” CH-” 3’S to select 4.5 / 5.5 / 6.0 I 6.5MHz
3. TV Format(PAUNTSC): press “CH+” 3’S to select PAUNTSC
4. Select remote control frequency: press “CH-” and “CH+” at the same time 3’s to select 38K/56KHz

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RF Frequency Range: 471.25MHz -855.25MHz
Channel Range: 21-69
Default Factory Setting: Channel 21 (471.25MHz),PAL I,38KHz
RF Output Impedance: 750 unbalanced
Video Input Impedance: 750
Sound Carrier Frequency: 4.5/5.6/6.0/6.5MHz
Remote Distance: 10m
Transmitter Distance: 30cm
Remote Control Frequency: 38/56KHz
Power: USB 5v
Power Consumption: 500mW