Infrared Remote Control Bender - IR-BENDER

The IR-BENDER is the best solution to control your AV/HDMI source when placed behind cabinet doors. The IR-BENDER is powered by USB port of TV or other devices and adapts the IR receiving angle, while extending the control distance of the original IR signal.

Product code: IR-BENDER

The IR-BENDER receives IR signals from your remote control and re-transmits it via an IR emitting probe to any device.
The IR-BENDER adapts the receiving angle and extends the control distance of the original IR signal.

• Compatible with IR remote controls operating within 30-60 kHz range
• Max. operational distance between IR receiver and remote control: 7 metres
• Equipped with three (3) IR receivers with different cable lengths: 1m, 1.5m, 2m
• Powered by USB port of TV or other device.
• Can be installed into a glass cabinet, behind TV, etc.

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Operating Voltage DC 5V, 100mA (min.)
Power Consumption 1 Watts Max
Effective operating range 7 metres (min.)
Infrared Receiver range:
Tuning Frequency
30~60 KHz
Extender Probes 3 Y type LEDs,
1m, 1.5m and 2m in length