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OTX-CATV-20 - Spacestream CATV (47 to 862 MHz) Optical Transmitter 1310nm – 20mW (13dBm)

The OTX-CATV-20 is RF Optic transmitter used to transmit RF signals from a RF source such as a RF headend in a Hotel, Lodge or Corporate installation over long distances or in areas where lightning is prominent.

Our CATV Optics cover all active equipment to transmit TV broadcast via a Fibre Optic Network.

• Improved Viewing Experience
• Less Maintenance
• Future Proof and Scalable Systems
• Less Power Consumption
• Logical Installation and Configuration
• Professional Product Training
• Skilled Support
  Fibre Optic Benefits
•Signals are transmitted transparently by amplitude modulated light in wavelength window around 1310nm.
•The Space Stream CATV Fibre Backbone is capable of transmitting a full 1 Ghz of RF Video from the headend to the Subscriber tv set.
•Eliminates the impact static as a result of lightning strike when compared to traditional coaxial copper CATV RF networks.
•Cost Saving by way of lower maintenance over time
•Improved Signal Quality over Coax Copper networks
•Cost Effective method for distributing HDTV over large distances.
•Less Signal Attenuation over Copper networks.
•No RF interference over the Fibre network.
•Optical CATV system provides greater bandwidth capacity.
•Utilizes Single Mode Fibre Optics Backbone.
•CATV Optical Transmitter and Receivers work very linear with no distortions. The New Fibre Possibilities
•Cable Television Networks have centralized head ends where signals are received and processed and then distributed via Fibre Optic infrastructure to sub head ends.
•The Optical Transmissions used in a Hybrid Fibre Coax (HFC) networks that can be combined with active coaxial parts of the access network.
•The Centralized CATV Network processes the signal from Terrestrial or Satellite sources and then converts them to an optical output which is sent out to the network.
•The Option of Internet and Return Path Signals may be added to the Fibre Network at the main head end.
•All the Optical Cables are distributed and terminated at the Optical receiver /Optical Node. The Optical Receivers convert the Signal from Light back to RF so they can be redistributed to the home via Coaxial Cabling. Fibre Optics
| Optical transmitter 1310 nm for HFC networks
•Directly modulated and cooled high-performance DFB laser
•Automatic processor-controlled adjustment of the laser drive with regard to level and channel loading of various RF input signals produces the best transmission characteristics in terms of low intermodulation (CTB/CSO) and low noise
•Multichannel pre-distortion and GaAs amplifier technology also provide the best signal quality with low noise and low distortion
•32-bit microprocessor for automatic monitoring and control of the laser ensures constant output level and long service life
•19” 1 U HE enclosure with 10TBase Ethernet (IEEE802.2) and RS 232 interface for external network monitoring
•Other output levels available on request
•RF connectors: F female
•Fibre optic connectors: SC/APC

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