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Case Study: The Falls Estate – Hybrid Fibre Optic with Pure Fibre Installation (Gauteng)

Following an unsuccessful SMATV installation at The Falls Estate, Clear Screen Installations, supported by the Space Television Technical team was approached by the developer to resolve issues on the initial installation as well as complete the installation on new phases of the development.

The SMATV distribution system installed in the first phase of the development, consisting of 10 residential apartment blocks, was based on a hybrid fibre optic / copper distribution network. A high-quality Cahors 1,2m commercial grade satellite dish, with a Global Invacom Wholeband LNB and ODU32 optic transmitter, installed at the complex Guard House. From the Guard House fibre optic cable were installed to each individual block, serving as the trunk line of the satellite television distribution network.

In each block the optic fibre feed is converted back to a RF using a Global Invacom Quattro GTU. The RF outputs form each GTU is connected to a Johansson DScr multiswitch. From the outputs of the Johansson multiswitch a single Belden tri-shielded coaxial cable was installed to each apartment. The autosensing outputs from the Johansson DScr multiswitch allows residents in each apparent to connect satellite decoders with both legacy and Unicable inputs.

It was decided to expand the SMATV network using fibre to the home topology on additional phases of the development. The existing SMATV fibre infrastructure, deployed in the first phase, was extended using additional Global Invacom O2E’s and ODU32 optic transmitters. This allowed for the capacity required to provide all additional apartments in the development with direct fibre feeds to each apartment. A Zinwell Unicable FTU was installed into each apartment. The FTU converts the optic light signal allowing residents to connect satellite decoders in their individual units.

Future phases of this development will be completed later in 2020. The optic fibre SMATV distribution network will be expanded at this time to accommodate additional phase as they reach completion.

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